Loadshedding Solution

R10 999,00

PowerBrick and InverterBrick




Loadshedding Solution


Battery Capacity

614Wh (80% usable)

Battery Cell Type

Replaceable Lithium Iron Phosphate


Min 2000 cycles (8 years with daily use)

System Protection

Battery overcharge and over-
discharge prevention. System short circuit and overload protection.

Discharge Temperature

0°C to 40°C

Charge Temperature

5°C to 40°C

Operating Temperature

0 ̊C (min), 25 ̊C (typical), 40 ̊C (max)

DC Ports Connectors

Automotive grade 12V connectors,
non-reversible and latched

System Cooling

Temperature controlled low noise fans

Case Material

Mild steel powder coated enclosure

Emergency Power Supply

Priority AC mains, auto-switches to
inverter output on no mains supply
under 50ms

Unique Features

DC auto restart on fault removal,
expandable, and auto synchronisation

Net Weight

8.7 kg


217 x 174 x 350 mm

AC Output

Pure sinewave, 230VAC | 50Hz, 200W total
and 325W surge using one PowerBrick 200

AC InverterBrick Rated Output

500W total – 800W surge. Achievable
using additional PowerBrick units

CAR DC Output

12V, 10A (100W max)

USB-C PD Output

5V, 3A (15W max)

USB-A Output

5V, 2.4A (12W max)

DC Ports Output

12V, 16.6 A (200W max)

DC Surge Output

325W (20ms)

InverterBrick – PowerBrick

13.2V, 8A (100W max)
7.5 hours charging time

Solar Panel Input *sold separately.

25V max, 10A (160W max)
5.5 hours charging time

AC-DC Adaptor Input *sold separately.

18V max, 5A (90W)
7.5 hours charging time

AC Input

220-240VAC | 50Hz, 1A (220W max)

Fast Charging Time

3.5 hours (Solar Input and InverterBrick)


Can stack on additional PowerBrick
units up to 500W total power, 800W
surge, and 1535 Wh Battery


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