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Pure sinewave inverter


Included: AC Kettle chord, DC Peco connector included, instruction manual Included, Product warranty 12 months (extendable by 12 months for registered product)

Disclaimer: The InverterBrick is not able to function on its own, it must be paired with a PowerBrick

Type: Pure sinewave

Norminal voltage: 230VAC (5%)

Norminal frequency: 50Hz

Continous output power: 500W

Peak output power: 800W

Maxium load (operation from AC input): 1,800W

Efficiency: Min 90%

Protection: Short circuit and overload prevention

Outlet type: South African 3-pin socket plug

Car cigarette lighter socket: 13V, 7A (90W)

USB-A output: 5V, 2.4A (12W)


DC Peco ports (output): 13V, 7A (90W)

System cooling: Power and temperature controlled low noise fan

Dimensions (L×W×H): 217x154x140mm

Net weight: 2.4kg

Case material: Mild steel powder coated enclosure

Protection class: IP21

DC connectors: Automotive grade 12V connectors, non reversible and latched

Operating temperature: 10 ̊C(min), 25 ̊C (typical), 40 ̊C (max)




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