Most frequent questions and answers

Your Peco load shedding system is capable of running 220V devices that draw up to
200Watts continuously. By adding additional PowerBricks you can expand your Peco
system to run appliances that draw continous loads of up to 500W.

Mobile Phone (5W) 98 hrs
Wi-Fi Router (10W) 49 hrs
Lights (3x5W) 33 hrs
Alarm System (20W) 25 hrs
Television (30W) 16 hrs
100W Load 5 hrs
200W Load 2.5 hrs

Setting up the PowerBrick and InverterBrick is extremely easy. simply connect the two bricks and charge with the kettle cord and your Peco Power system is ready. The setup can be seen here.

You can charge the PowerBrick through a solar panel, panel, 230V AC-DC adaptor, InverterBrick and a ChargeBrick.

Charging time (AC-DC adaptor) – 11hrs

Charging time (solar panel) – 5.5hrs (120W solar panel)

Charging time (InverterBrick) – 7.5hrs

Fast charging time (Solar panel + InverterBrick or ChargerBrick) – 3.5hrs

YES. Simply connect it to any available Peco Port on your system. Note: It may take
longer to fully charge both PowerBricks from a single InverterBrick.

Minimum of 2000 cycles before any noticeable dropoff in performance (7-8 years with daily use)

Yes. Please contact us for specifications of compatible solar panels and connector cables.

Yes, there is a 12 month warranty for all systems. By registering your product here, another 12 months is added to the warranty to make it 24 months.

The PowerBrick 200 puts outs 200w of continuous power.

The InverterBrick 500 puts out 500w of continuous power.

The peak power of the PowerBrick 200 is 325w.

The peak power of the InverterBrick is 800w

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